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37, rue Robert-et-Sonia-Delaunay 75011 Paris (France)
Tel.: (33 1) 46 59 27 35
e-mail : michel.leter@noos.fr
professional e-mail (French Ministry of Education) : michel.leter@edufrance.fr




>PhD, University of Paris VIII, French language and literature (Lettres Modernes) awarded in January 1994, with high honors (Très honorable à l'unanimité du jury).
Dissertation: "L'autonymie dans la poésie française: Introduction à l'heuristique littéraire" (Phd Advisor: Professor Michel Deguy, University of Paris VIII).

Registered, since March 1994 on the CNU (National Council of University) qualification list "à la fonction de maître de conférences" (national certification to teach in university), section n°9 of the CNU, French language and literature.

> CAPES de Lettres modernes (national certificate to teach French language and literature in high school), awarded in January 1995 (ranked first in France).

>Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (A.B.D.), University of Paris VIII, 1988 (Lettres Modernes).

>Maîtrise (M.A.), University of Paris XII, 1982 (Lettres Modernes).

>Licence (B.A.), University of Paris XII, 1981 (Lettres Modernes).

>Diplôme Universitaire d'Etudes Générales (DEUG), University of Paris XII, 1980 (Lettres Modernes).





> current position (since 2001) : E-learning Project Manager at the French Ministry of Education.

1995 > Associate Professor of French literature, University Paris 8.

1994-97 > Associate Professor of French as a foreign language (FLE), Sciences Po-IEP de Paris.

1991-95 > Associate Professor, International College of Philosophy (Paris). Seminars : 1991-1992: Theory of Literary Heuristics; 1992-1993: The Beautiful, the True, the Good in Contemporary Art; 1993-1994: National Education and Freedom : A Heuristics Approach; 1994-1995: Higher Education Autonomy from a Cosmopolitic Point of View.

1993 -2000 > High school Teacher of French language and literature (tenure since 1995).




since 2001> President of Academy for a Free University in Paris

1991-93 > Artistic and publications Director of the French contemporary art gallery Alessandro Vivas and of "éditions Alessandro Vivas" (Paris).
Editor of 5 art books with the collaboration of Hector Bianciotti, Alain Borer, Michel Butor, Luc Ferry, Pierre Pachet, Pierre Restany, etc. Editorial work, artwork selection, copy-editing.
"Dépôt légal" at French "Bibliothèque Nationale", marketing with libraries and bookshops.
Fund raising (private and with the French National Center for Books), press releases, mailshots.

1986-91 > General Secretary of the Committee for Youth Civilian Service.
This committee was an umbrella organization which regrouped social, cultural, youth and ecological non-profit associations authorized by the French government to welcome conscientious objectors who used to choose and undertake civilian instead of military service.
Representation of the organization abroad (in English) in international networks and at the European Parliament.
Editor of the monthly newsletter Service civil info, press relations.
Fund raising, marketing of services to associations, training periods for associations staffs in charge of conscientious objectors.

Contacts with Prime minister's office and other tutorial ministries, organization of a colloquium at French national assembly.



French (native), English (fluent), German, Italian and Latin (reading level).



MLA (Modern Language Association of America).
SNES (Syndicat National de l'Enseignement Secondaire).



ALEPS (Association pour la Liberté Économique et le Progrès Social).
APULP (Académie de préfiguration de l'Université Libre de Paris).



Born February 14,1959. French citizen. Married to U.S. citizen. Two children.



Michel Butor, Michel Deguy, Jean-Pierre Faye.

Available upon request.


> two proposals of lectures for american universities

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